Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been home 3 days, so I wanted to do a short recap of what has happened...

Tuesday-My flight got in around 8 a.m...I got home around 1:30-went to sleep around 3. Slept for 15 straight hours.

Wednesday-Woke up and my dad told me about a job in Pea Ridge that was for a 7th grade English teacher and jr. girls bball coach. Now if you've had a conversation with me in the last 3 months, you'll know that I have had little to no interest in finding a job. I just didn't really want to, but something about this really sparked my interest. Before I knew it I was on the phone with the superintendent and they wanted me to come to an interview at 2. I scurried around and went. It went amazingly well! So I was off to wait for a call back. As soon as I got home Tara and Steph came up-it was so good to see them. We spent the night catching up...

Thursday-Somehow my email didn't go through to the lady about my references, so I didn't hear from the lady until after 2. So I re-sent the email. I was frustrated bc they had originally said that they would want me to come back up on Friday, but I didn't think it was possible now since it was so late in calling. But waking up at 5:45 that morning after going to bed at 1:30 proved that my sleeping schedule was still really off, so I slept until Brittney got here!!!! She came to see me for the weekend-so excited! :)

Friday-Today I spent the day shopping with Britt and Katie. It was good to just hang out and spend time with them. Sidenote-it's July. Still summer. There should still be swimsuits out. Around 3, Pea Ridge called and offered me the job! I will be signing the contract early next week. So me, mom, and Britt went to celebrate!

3 days. God is so good. His timing is perfect.

Oh and somewhere in there I got a bad haircut.


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